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The Game of Apps Junior Summer Camp is a condensed version of the successful 24-week GoA after school program for high school. This will be an exciting opportunity for the students to get an introduction to design and coding.

The camp is designed for students in grades 6 to 8. It will introduce them to design skills, critical thinking, and coding in HTML/CSS/Javascript as they build their own web app—an illustrated choose your own adventure story.

The camp will culminate with the students showcasing their work to their peers, family and the public. The goal is to inspire students to pursue further technology education.

The instructor is Roland Tecson, founder of GoA and a 29-year veteran of the Tech industry. He will be assisted by a team of high school student mentors (all graduates of the GoA 24-week program).

We will be conducting summer camps in Richmond and New Westminster.

In Richmond, students must bring their own laptop computers (Windows, Mac or Linux). In New Westminster, we will have a limited number of computers available. It is preferable for students to bring their own laptops.


Game of Apps is a program that guides students through the whole process of building apps from beginning to end. Local professional designers, developers and technology professionals (working in the local tech industry) mentor the students and teach them how to use the same tools, techniques and processes used by the industry while the students learn to build apps.

Here's a short promo video.

And another.

And one more from last season's winners.

Summer Camp Curriculum

Design & Development


  • What is Design?
  • Intro to RealTimeBoard
  • Intro to Slack
  • Intro to Pixlr
  • Design Principles—Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
  • Basics of Typography
  • Basics of Colour Theory
  • Brainstorming / Ideation


  • What is HTML?
  • What is CSS?
  • What is Javascript?
  • Intro to Atom
  • Intro to Chrome
  • Basics of HTML
  • Basics of CSS
  • Basics of Javascript
  • Presentation, Showcase & Competition

Richmond Summer Camp

August 12 to 23, Mon-Fri, 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Venue TBD
Registration Fee: $238

Spaces are limited. Register now.

Register for Richmond Summer Camp

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New Westminster Summer Camp

July 29 to August 9, Mon-Fri, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
New Westminster Secondary School (Room 164)
835 8th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 3S9
Registration Fee: $238

Spaces are limited. Register now.

Register for New Westminster Summer Camp

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