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Summer Intern Mobile App Designer / Developer


Summary Description

As an App Designer/Developer Summer Intern, you will work together with the Game of Apps team to develop and test the Game of Apps mobile app. You will also work with the team to update and test the Game of Apps curriculum for use in future programs. There is a possibility that we will conduct a summer camp program. If so, you will also assist in helping the summer camp students go through their class exercises. Finally, you may also assist the team in creating and managing some Game of Apps marketing materials.


Job Responsibilities

The App Designer/Developer Summer Intern will be responsible for conducting one or more of the following tasks.


Using product requirements from the Game of Apps management team as input, you will employ Design Thinking principles to come up with product features for the Game of Apps mobile app.

Sketch out various designs and storyboards for the product features.

Collaborate with other team members to develop prototypes using Sketch and Invision.

Conduct user testing of prototypes, collect and analyze feedback, refine prototypes.

Generate assets from final prototypes.


Using product requirements and final prototypes as input, formulate appropriate software design for mobile app.

Translate prototype screens into individual mobile screens using Xcode and storyboards.

Code mobile app using Swift, following best practices for object-oriented programming and coding.

Debug code and fix bugs.

Collaborate with team members and use git to checkout, commit and checkin code into shared code repository.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Using product requirements and prototypes as input, write appropriate test plans and test cases to verify mobile app behaviour.

Execute test cases and report bugs as appropriate.

Project Management

Track progress to project schedule. Communicate deviations or potential deviations to supervisor.


Collaborate with team members to refine Game of Apps marketing plan.

Create or update marketing brochures, promotional videos and other marketing collateral for both print and social media.


What We Provide

Mentoring Plan

At the start of the internship, the intern will be assigned a mentor, either a Developer Mentor or Design Mentor, selected based on the intern’s primary job responsibilities.

The mentor will meet with the intern and provide an initial assessment of the intern’s skills and abilities. This will be used to form a customised mentorship plan with the intern.

On a weekly basis, the intern’s mentor will meet with the intern to discuss:

  • Skills and abilities required to complete the intern’s assign tasks for the week
  • Plan for acquiring and reinforcing these skills and abilities
  • Other skills such as: attitudes and behaviour, responsibility, adaptability, working with other team members, etc.

On an as needed basis, the mentor will meet with the intern to provide hands-on training and/or provide further readings and exercises to reinforce needed skills.

Supervision Plan

The intern will be assigned a supervisor, selected based on the specific project the intern will be working in.

On a daily basis, the supervisor will discuss the intern’s progress in their assigned tasks. This includes:

  • The intern’s progress
  • Challenges and difficulties faced
  • Interaction with other team members

The supervisor will acknowledge areas where the intern is excelling.

The supervisor will work directly with the intern to ensure challenges and difficulties are mitigated. This may involve providing additional training for the intern, making adjustments to the tasks assigned or soliciting assistance from other team members.

Supervision or mentorship is normally performed in person at the work place. If there are days where the intern is working remotely (i.e. working from home), then the supervision or mentorship will be conducted via video conference or via Slack (online collaboration tool). The intern’s supervisor will be available during all working hours. During non-working hours, the intern’s supervisor and mentor may also be reached online (via Slack).


Job Requirements

The intern must be attending high school in Richmond, 15 years or older on July 2nd, 2018.

Preference will be given to graduates of the Game of Apps program.

Rate: $12.65 per hour.

Duration: The months of July and August, 2018.


To Apply

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