App Design & Development Competition
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What You'll Learn

Build an app from scratch!

Industry Mentors

On a weekly basis, professional designers and developers will work alongside your school team to coach you every step of the way. Additionally, learn the fundamentals of design and coding in three deep-dive workshops.

Design Thinking

Use the Design Thinking Process to ideate, define, prototype and test the app to ensure that the app you build is one that both students and faculty in your school will find useful.

Agile Software Development

Code the app iteratively and incrementally using the Agile Software Development process. Implement continuous planning, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous feedback for greater collaboration and adaptability as you refine the app.

Pitch, Demo & Awards

Pitch and demo your app to a panel of judges. Your friends, family, local school and city officials will be present. Convince them why you have the best app and win some prizes (i.e. best design, best development, etc.).


Program Details

The nuts and bolts

Form a team in your school

Compete with other high schools

Each high school will form a team to design and build a mobile app (iOS or Android, depending on the program). The teams will be 5 to 7 students.

Students will take on multiple project roles such as developer, designer, project manager, quality assurance, marketing manager, etc. as they go through the entire cycle of building an app end to end.

On a weekly basis, the teams will meet together with industry mentors (professional developers and designers) who will coach them on the tasks they need to complete that week.

During the week, the teams will complete their tasks, which might be testing prototypes, coding, conducting competitive analysis, usability testing, etc., depending on where they are in the project timeline.

The program is composed of 24 weekly sessions (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm), divided into two 12-week semesters, plus one Saturday workshop. The first semester will cover the fundamentals of development and design. The second semester will be the competition where students form their teams to build their own apps from scratch.

At the end of the competition, each team will present and demo their app to a panel of distinguished industry judges. Awards will be given to winners in various categories, such as best design, most innovative, etc.

The top teams from each school district will go on to compete at the BC Provincials level, proudly representing their respective cities.


The human touch: product design, customer requirements, user interaction, user experience, emotional connection


Making it work: analysis, breaking down the problem, software architecture, coding, logic, algorithms, iteration


It does what it's supposed to: testing, usability analysis, edge-case scenarios, robustness, performance


All the pieces are working together: planning, scheduling, contingencies, adjustments, reporting

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The coaches working with the teams

Vivien Anayian


Peter Buk


Amir Chabi


Katherine Zhang


Kitty Chan


Kevin Choy


Jeffrey Qua


Lia Estrellado


Ronald Ho


Pevisha Joshi


Justin Lim


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From GoA Season 1


What students say about us

The best part of GoA was learning how to work as a team in a simulated work environment.

  Brad P.

I really liked the field trip to the local tech startups to meet and talk with those in the industry.


I learned that producing an app takes a lot of time and skill.

  Gary S.

I really liked learning to make apps with Swift, and knowing what to do to code an app.

  Jason W.

I liked that we could have interactive “playgrounds” that would help us learn along the way.


I liked meeting new people and developing an app with many images. I learned how difficult programming is, but it was really fun.

  Jason D.

I think the hands-on development of our apps were the most helpful, because they allowed us to use our knowledge from lessons to use.

  Eason C.

I found learning strings, names and functions were most likely the most useful aspects.

  Matthew J.

The best part was the food and snacks!



Why students join GoA

I want to see what's it like in the world of app development. I want to learn and use those skills in my life along side my future fashion designer career.

  Vanessa N.

I want to broaden my knowledge on how design plays a role in technology. I’m considering a career in Graphic Design and GoA will help me grasp an idea of how it works. It is an opportunity to develop my creativity, learn how to breath ideas into and promote products. I also look forward to learning how to code.

  Pristine V.

I would like to be a part of the Game of Apps so that I can improve my coding and marketing skills. I believe that the skills I could learn through this program would be greatly beneficial to my future in the technology industry. Not only that, but the experience of working and learning with others will be a good preparations for the workplace.

  Bronwen M.

The thing I want most out of this is to find out which I prefer, coding or design. I really like both but I can never know which I like more unless I practice them in a work place type setting. I would also like to make connections in the industry that will benefit me in my future.

  Hamza R.

I want to join because I hope to gain valuable knowledge about the process of creating an app. I would like to gain more insight on the marketing process of an app. I use a variety of apps on my phone so it would be very interesting to learn how these apps were made. I hope to get more knowledge about the creation process of an app from having an idea, to putting it onto a screen.

  Bruce Y.

I want to join because I would enjoy the opportunity to work and learn as a team as well as learning the whole process of making an app from an idea to a finished product. I am interested in the technical, design, and decision making aspects of this process. GoA would give me the ability to create apps for different purposes and would also allow me to transfer the skills I will learn, such as how to brainstorm properly, work with a team, or develop an idea, to other situations where they could be useful.

  Hod K.

I want to join because of my desire to improve my coding abilities, and because I am considering a career in software development. I would like to get the chance to work with developers to further my understanding of how apps are made. This program/competition seems like a very unique experience, which I have not seen offered anywhere else. Its packed pacing definitely appeals to me, because I prefer to stay busy. At the end of the sessions, I would like to understand the fundamentals and intricacies of building an app.

  Katelyn S.

I would like to know more about how an application is made. I tried learning online, but I think it wouldn’t be the same if I learned it face to face. I feel it is necessary to learn more about technology in a world that’s constantly evolving. I also want know what it feels like to work as a team and launch something I have seen so many entrepreneurs do it and now I would like to try.

  Joy Y.

I spent the past summer learning how to code (HTML and Python) via CodeAcademy, but it has been a struggle learning so many different concepts on my own. I want to join because I want to learn the whole process of developing an app, from prototyping, coding, testing and finally publishing it with more guidance from experienced developers. I also hope to learn how to code in Swift so I can develop apps of my own, publish it on the App Store, and potentially fund my post-secondary education. My dream is to become a robotics engineer, and hope to one day give back to other younger students as well.

  Aaron P.

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